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Compounded Medicine: What is it & why you need it?

By :Custom Health RX 2 comments
Compounded Medicine: What is it & why you need it?

What is it? 

Compounded medicines are customized drugs that are developed by expert pharmacists based on a prescription from a doctor. The drug is specially formulated using one, two, or more ingredients for each patient considering patient’s various health conditions such as allergies, a heart condition, diabetes, hormonal changes in the body, blood pressure, asthma, etc. 


Benefits of compounded medications: Why you need it? 

There are many benefits of compounded medications, here are the top five that you must be aware of: 

  • Low cost when compared to commercial medicines: Compounded medication is available at a much lesser cost than that of commercial drugs. Though there is a cost of buying special equipment to develop personalized medication along with the right infrastructure, the cost is quite economical. 
  • Consolidation of prescriptions: Compounded medicines can be prepared by combining multiple prescriptions which is otherwise not possible. Also, it’s a good option for situations when prescriptions or drugs are ‘hard to find’.  
  • Customized dosesInstead of taking multiple pills during the day and night, consuming one customized pill as per prescribed time is always easier to remember 
  • Can be of any flavor to make it palatableTo make it even more interesting, you can choose a specific flavor of the customized drug which is otherwise not possible for a commercially available medicine 
  • To suit primarily the individual’s medical condition: Customized, formulated medicines are designed with special care improving patient’s health.

Usage of Compounded Medication: 

Customers use compounded medication for many different purposes including prescribed for topical pain, LDN, hormone-related conditions, skincare, veterinary, pediatric, etc. 

We can help! 

If you are looking for more information on compounded medications, please feel free to reach Custom Health RX – a specialized pharmacy in custom medication. Also, if you are looking for a compounded medicine in Michigan area, fax us your prescription along with the filled forms (download or fill the form online from Custom Health RX website) to this number: (734) 667-4400). We would be happy to assist you with free 1-2 days of delivery anywhere in Michigan. 

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Sep 18, 2020


Sep 18, 2020


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