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Protect Yourself from Corona Virus While We are Stepping Out | Custom Health RX – Best Compounding Pharmacy in Canton, Michigan

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Protect Yourself from Corona Virus While We are Stepping Out | Custom Health RX – Best Compounding Pharmacy in Canton, Michigan
Corona virus has made the world a standalone place today – where everyone is panicked who will be the next, when the vaccines will come and what we can do now to protect ourselves and if affected, what are the most important to do’s on our list. 

How to wear masks right?

Here are some guidelines to wear masks right as mentioned by CDC

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Wear masks when you are outside, and you can’t maintain 6 feet distance from others – that way you will not spread the virus to others. 


How should we wash masks?

We should clean or wash the masks regularly. It can be washed with other regular laundry using a washing machine and cloth detergent, completely dry it with the appropriate amount of water at an appropriate temperature. If you are washing by hands use the bleach that can be used as 100% disinfectant.

Know more from CDC website

How does the virus spread and what precautions can be taken?
  • The virus is transmitted from one person to another person and easily between people. Recent research suggests that the virus is airborne meaning this can get spread by talking or breathing; as a result of talking or breathing, the bioaerosol particles come out in the air and float around for a while; however CDC is learning about this and will soon have updated guidelines on it. COVID-19 can spread by people who are not showing symptoms.

Prevention / Precautions to be taken

The best precaution can be taken by not getting exposed to the virus. Staying indoor, wearing mask properly when you are outdoor and in contact with others

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap
  • Social distancing
  • Use disinfectant spray frequently to remove any virus from surface, metal objects etc.
Be immune – take vitamin C, multi vitamin tablets, protein and other essential nutritional supplements containing antioxidants, anti-viral and anti-bacterial attributes (We, Custom Health RX – the best compounding pharmacy in Canton, Michigan (MI) provides various compounded medications for enhancing individual’s immunity basis one’s current health condition, challenges in the body etc. and checking the prescription physician has recommended. Also, our orthomolecular products which is 100% FDA audited and made in USA are the essential vitamins, nutritional supplements and botanical extracts that enhances stamina, builds immunity, reduces stress, hypertension, hair loss, builds muscle mass, maintains blood sugar levels and improves overall body wellness and cardiovascular health. Also, our Ayurvedic medicines are completely natural and free from any side effects, improves overall skin health, reduces pain, tension, diabetes; enhances immunity and stamina.
  • Keep exercise a part of your daily habit
  • Eat healthy and right
  • If there are some uneasiness in the body do test yourself for COVID, early detection helps to get cured early
  • Wearing masks and cleaning it often helps you to be healthy
If affected, what are the most important to do’s?
  • Check frequent temperature
  • Don’t panic
  • Take medication, be on constant contact with doctor for any emergency
  • Check your breathing abilities and oxygen levels

When will vaccines come?

Based on the data that we have from CDC, it appears that vaccines are estimated to be available by 2021 as it takes multiple trial stages to ensure the vaccine is most effective and has been trialled within sufficient number of people to give us the confidence that it will work at a mass scale with no potential hazard to human body. To do this, it requires minimum 1 year to 1.5-2 years. Also, each vaccine is designed in such a way that each specific vaccine is to immune one virus only. The same vaccine can’t cure other types of viral / bacterial infections.
Also, one shot of vaccine is much better than two shots of vaccine as number of quantities that would be required for mass distribution would be much lesser than that of two shots. Also giving the vaccine one time is much more convenient than two times.
We, at Custom Health believe in taking deep care of patients with great empathy. In this pandemic, we are with you and pray for your best health condition as always. Stay safe, be alert, take precautions and live a healthy life!
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