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Self-Care and Wellness during COVID-19

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Self-Care and Wellness during COVID-19

During COVID-19, taking care of one's well-being which means keeping one's mental and physical health in a good condition is key.  Do you know what is 'Self-care' and what are the ways to maintain it in this pandemic? What are the right techniques that we can practise in our daily life to keep the negativity away? Know more in this blog/article and practise these from today.

Why Self-Care is Key?

Promote your own well-being which means keeping your mental and physical health in a good condition.  Self-care is to be able to cope with illness, disability, and current situation, without the help of a physician.

What are the Ways to Maintain Self-Care?

During COVID-19, social distancing, washing your hands regularly, keeping good hygiene, wearing masks in the right manner when stepping out are the most important self-care techniques to maintain the wellbeing of an individual’s health.

Some Other Self-Care Techniques are:

  1. Maintain a routine – Routine life brings discipline, make a routine for everything – time for getting up, exercise, breakfast, office work-hours, short break etc. Do have a specific time to end office work so that you get some time for your family and household chores.


  1. Stay Calm: This current time demands us to stay calm especially for those who look up to you during these times to be a source of love, forgiveness, and positivity.


  1. Be gentle with yourself and others – it’s okay to feel frustrated, sad, angry given the time we are going through. You are not alone in this as everyone is experiencing the same. You have come so far and have done an incredible job; hence you definitely need a pat on your back! Keep going and love yourself. Don’t be too hard on you if you have not met some goals in your life. Forgive yourself and move on. Also, take care of your family and dear ones. Be gentle, polite and kind to them. Forgive them


  1. Keep a check on the time you spend on social media and browsing not so important information: Being in social media and consume information throughout the day which are not so important at this time makes your day unproductive, brings a change in moods. Hence, be mindful of the time you spent on this and reduce the consumption to keep yourself busy in other priority work.


  1. Keep yourself away from any anxiety in COVID-19: Keep a check on how many times you read the news on COVID, the more you read to this news, it adds on to your anxiety. So, the best is to keep a dedicated time (maybe 20 mins or once in a day) to check the updates and focus on other important things during the day.


  1. Do what you love the most: Everyday indulge yourself in activities that you love the most even this could be of short duration e.g. jog/walk for 30 mins, learn a new recipe or a new thing, listen to music.


  1. Reach out to support networks: Call your loved ones, close friends as sharing and caring strengthen relationship and creates a positive environment. Also, intensify your work relationship with your professional colleagues, influential people, stakeholders. Reach out to them in various ways – phone calls, Skype, WhatsApp video call, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Meeting
  2. Focus on things that you can control: Given the uncertain times we are in, it’s normal to think what will happen to us in the future, but to be true – we can’t control the future, and hence, we shouldn’t get carried out by the thoughts of uncertainty as it leads nowhere and only brings anxiety, sadness, and frustration.
  3. Recognize your thoughts and feeling:

Happiness is a choice and we must take some actions to be happy and healthy in life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the current state or feeling depressed on the current situation, remember those good days that have brought in your life wonderful memories, good luck and happiness. Count your negative feelings and write it in a diary, also count your positive feelings and make a note in the diary. If you continue this for seven days at least, you will find your negative feelings are reducing and positive ones are increasing.

  1. Maintain a healthy habit of eating and sleeping:

Here are some options to maintain a healthy regime: Eat right (i.e. healthy foods with the right combination of protein, fibre, nutrients, vitamins good fat and carbohydrates), sleep for 8 hours, avoid oily and junk foods, practice yoga/meditation/ brisk walk, take short breaks during work time, spend good time with little ones, family members during the evening or in the weekend, read a book.

  1. Maintain a healthy sexual life is also key: At present, there is no evidence that COVID-19 transmits through sexual activities, however with kissing and through saliva the virus gets spread. Hence, following a safe sexual life would be key. Also, using contraceptives, condoms during intercourse, telemedicine for support, clean sanitary pad during menstruation are essentials to have a happy sexual life.

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