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HIPAA Privacy Statement
Custom Health Rx - Privacy Policy

This page describes

  • how your health, wellbeing information may be utilized and revealed based on specific circumstances.
  • also, how you can access to this information.

Please go through this carefully.

The confidentiality of your health information is crucial to us.

Our legal responsibility

We abide by the federal and state law to maintain the confidentiality of your wellbeing and health information. With this privacy statement mentioned on this page, we need to declare our privacy practices, legal duties and your rights (i.e. consumer’s or patient’s right) concerning your health information. We follow the privacy practices that are described in this page effective from February 5, 2014 and it will remain effective until we replace it.

Custom Health RX reserves the right to change the privacy practices, terms and conditions at any point of time without any notice, given that such amendments are authorized by applicable law. These changes would be effective for all health information that we maintain, including information we generated or received before the changes were made. Basis the new changes, we will refresh this page to make the new policy available upon request. You could request a copy of our policy at any point of time. To know more about our privacy policies, or for additional copies of this page, please reach out to us using the details listed at the end of this page.

Utilization and disclosures of health and wellbeing information

We utilize and reveal health information about you for medication, treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. For example:

Medication and Treatment: To a physician or other healthcare giver providing medication and treatment to you, we may share your health information. Obtain Payment: To get the payment for services we render to you, we may share your health information.

Healthcare Procedures and Operations: To perform certain healthcare procedures, and operations, we may utilize and share your health information. Healthcare operations and procedures include quality check and enhancement activities, reviewing healthcare professionals’ qualifications or (and) competence, evaluating the performance of practitioner and healthcare giver, organizing training programs, certification, licensing or similar activities.

Your Authorization: Other than the situations mentioned above, you may provide us yours written consent to share it to anyone for any purpose – if this happens, you may withdraw the consent in written form at any time. Your withdrawal will not disturb any use or revelations permitted by your consent while it was in force. Please note – until and unless you provide us a written consent, we can’t share your health information for any reason except for those described in this age.

To Your Family, Extended Family and Acquaintances: As mentioned in the Patient Rights section, we are required to disclose your health information to you, your family member, friend, or other acquaintances to a certain level essential to support your healthcare / payment for your healthcare - however, this is possible if and only if you approve that we may do so.
Marketing Communication using Health-Related Services: Without your written consent, we will never use your health record, information for promotions, marketing communications.

Mandatory Requirements by Law: If the law demands, or as per the legal requirements, we may share your health information.
Cruelty, Abuse or Neglect: In the situations where we believe that you are a possible victim of neglect / violence / abuse / cruelty / mistreatments / domestic violence or other crimes, we may share your health information to appropriate authorities. This is required to avoid any major threat to your health or the safety of others.

National Security: During specific situations as it may demand, we may need to share your health information (who is an Armed Force personnel) to military authorities. We may also share your health information